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Rakesh Karuppiah is commonly referred to as Mc Rocky in the Event Field. Having 4+ Years of Experience in Event Anchoring. Be it personal Events like Weddings, Sangeet, Mehndi, Birthdays, Family Get-together, or Corporate gigs like Award Function, Team-Building, Product Launch, etc. He used to connect with the audience spontaneously with ex-tempo energy and add life to the events he represents.

About MC Rocky

Chennai is one of the notified running cities in India, where people here tend to be busier in their work and routines. Still, whatever the result, they won’t forget to enjoy their part, including their family occasions. But, although the plan is set, most of us fail to execute it, and that is not a big deal; where to do that, a catalyst is needed, and that is Emcee in Chennai.

I am MC Rocky, and here i am gonna  take you through the different types of ceremonies this Chennai Emcee can handle professionally.

Emcee in Chennai

Types of Ceremonies


Generally, this Chennai Emcee can engage in multiple events and programmes. They are classified here simply for better understanding. 



In Chennai, birthday events don’t take place once in a while, it happens daily.The events take place across the city where it covers  ECR, OMR, Guindy, Koyambedu, etc.The events are curated and executed by Event Planners,Co-ordinators,Professionals,Decorators and the list goes on.. There are different Theme/style have been adopted in  every birthday party. Being an Emcee in Chennai, MC Rocky have the capability and experience to handle the programmes by understanding the pulse of the audience and plan what could fit in best for this atmosphere.He makes the guest feel comfortable while engaging with them.The Master of Ceremony (MC)  ensures to make the event  


After being the best Birthday MC, when it comes to Corporate there are Multiple job roles have been there to perform and it varies event to events. here comes the actual professional event where the purposes of the event differ widely from the corporates. The goal may be fun, productive for society and even more. Being the best MC in Chennai, these types of events are just a piece of cake for understanding and execution by MC Rocky. Since being versatile with a fresh mind, the possibilities are handled more enthusiastically, where we are elegant Emcee in Chennai. 



Other events apart from the above two, like occasional events on festivals, anniversary functions, and special occasions planned into the society, have also been done with a passion for engaging and handling. Being an emcee for birthdays and MC for corporate handling different events is a different kind of food from the traditional. This Che


How Mc Rocky is Unique from Other Emcee's

The genuine question that strikes your mind is how we are the best in hosting events since plenty of profiles are available. To ensure our working style is unique and attractive, here we list specific points that state us the best Emcee in Chennai. 

Mc rocky ,Male emcee in chennai,Best emcee
Mc Rocky, Male emcee, Male Anchor,Corporate Emcee,Sangeet Emcee,Sangeet Anchor
Mc Rocky, Male Emcee,Male Anchor,Best Emcee in Chennai
  • Once the event is handed over, it starts from the planning to till the execution part; everything is taken care of by MC Rocky. Planning is done with more layers of discussion and preparation, making us the best Event Host. 
  • The genuinely is maintained, which is the ultimate aim of MC Rocky to be the finest Chennai Emcee. Before the show, the Event host’s profile and portfolios are submitted to the owning person. It is to maintain transparency and to build credibility along with the gate pass to prove that we are the best Emcee in Chennai. 
  • The plan and the event flow from the Emcee’s side are clearly explained before the event to the client so that no hurry burry will spoil the mood. MC Rocky well maintains this to prove us as the best Chennai Emcee. 
MC Rocky,male emcee,male anchor
  • After being the event emcee, feedback has been collected regarding the show and satisfaction, which acts as the performance parameter. That feedback says our performance and improvement is a stepping stone, keeping the owned person as the judge. 
  • Though doing all this and being the finest MC in all the phases, MC Rocky quotes such a reasonable price that being an MC for Corporate, emcee for a birthday, as an Event host, whatever it is, the price will be affordable according to the type of event that satisfies the customer. 
  • Being a brilliant Emcee in Chennai, don’t think apart from the local language, we are not fluent in other languages. MC Rocky is multilingual, and we are one of the finest Chennai Emcee who is well versed in common languages that many can be good enough to communicate. 

Trust the Vision

MC Rocky plans to present in a  unique way while representing every event. Being it interaction , Conducting games the Best Emcee in Chennai ensures he drop down a piece of memory to the guests of the event.Mc Rocky one of the happening Emcee in Chennai is looking to create memories together.So,why are waiting now go and book MC Rocky for your Event and thank me later !!!! J



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