Top 3 Ways to Improve Footfall for your Restaurant Business !!!

Be, it Any Business you need Customer to say it a Hit or Flop !!! when it comes to Restaurant 50% fail in the first 5 years but it is one of the most Profitable Business.Here comes the top 3 ways to improve the footfall for your Restaurant
i)Know Your Audience
Audience Segmentation is a Key role for any Business.Taj Hotel Customers won’t visit Adyar Ananda Bhavan and Adyar Ananda Bhavan won’t go to Kai Yenthi Bhavan. So, we have to know whom your customers and Target them accordingly.
Through Marketing you get to connect with loads of People.On the other words, you get to convince your customer to buy Products/Services through Marketing.Marketing can be focussed both online & offline like Digital-Marketing, Website Development,Flyer Distribution,Mall Activities,Etc
As we live in Digital Era ,it is essential to focus on Digital Platform.The Main Advantage of this platform is we can target our customers and run Exclusive campaigns for them.For Example we can Target the Veg Freak Audience with the Offers/Discount for Vegetarian Dishes.So, it might increase the footfall and gradually Improve their growth in their Business.

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