As the quote says “The best way to end your learnings is to learn from themasters” I choosed DIGITAL DEEPAK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM,What mademe feel that this program is gonna be my game changer is the concept of the program, action takers get the knowledge and exposure at free of cost.I repeat it is free for ACTION TAKERS .The first class itself made me realise the class is gonna be from the scratch. yes, the first class were the basics of marketing.we were asked to right our goals to achieve from this program.Our Mentor Digital Deepak urged us to improve our communication skills which is very much essential in selling ourselves and the products. As everyone know, in Digital Marketing we can be a Blogger,Video maker, Affiliate marketer,Agency owner, etc.,we were asked to pick anyone of the above and ensure that this program help us to achieve it.And we were officially stepping into the first class of the batch 3.The biggest question everyone has irrespective of any field, will there be a market to scale my business.The answer was with Digital Deepak.He believes Market always expand for any product so there are infinite niches available so his point is simple point. Don’t worry be happy.
We were given the ample of knowledge about global economics and made us know why we need to know it.Why many investors were showing interest in investing in India,China & Africa have been give has a gist. How Debts can create money, during recession time what are the companies will survive ,where will the people invest their money during recession time and more importantly he has suggested few economic books like Economics 101,currency wars, etc.,
Digital Deepak conveyed how can we improve communication & writing skills.By improving these skills we can enlighten our content creation, sales and become a successful entrepreneur.He gave us an idea how to master in our communication by sharing helpful tips such as spending 30 minutes a day in reading,30 minutes in writing,listen to podcast, Think in English etc.,The Important aspect has been discussed yes, how will be the future of digital marketing.There is always need for marketing to market the product or service until it is there digital marketing also survives.
The Internship program will be in the Integrated Digital Marketing Setup.Next is something interesting part for every Digital Marketers. Yes,how to identify our Niches.The Selection of Niche has to be the combination of passion & Talent with the market opportunity available.How to earn1 Crore was explained with a simple formula.How to get to know about the Market demand was explained with plenty of options such as google autosuggest, Answer the,Amazon Reviews, etc., The next one is very essential for every entrepreneur.Personal Branding is very essential.we should not hesitate to share content and we can share the content in different forms such as Blogs, video, etc.,As Thalapathy Vijay said NEENGA NEENGALA VAANGA (be as yourself ) he asked as to not copy anyone else and the world wants the same.How we have to make our funnel, providing free contents, building the trust &relationship by automating it.When we put 1 million people at the top of the funnel, we will get bare minimum of 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel.I am very excited to attend the second class of the Internship Program !!!

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