In this blog we are gonna see what you are going to get from DIGITAL DEEPAK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM’S 2nd Class.
Digital Deepak believes that when you teach you understand things in a better way. Hence, he urges his students as well.He also comes up with the concept of providing the space for the participants of his internship program where, they are allowed to take-up the webinars for the people on this Internship program after going through a screening process by the Pixceltrack team.
Digital Deepak depicts, Mistakes are future benefits.Unless you do mistakes you can’t realise the value.So, he suggests his students don’t get afraid of doing mistakes but at the same time don’t forget to learn from your mistakes.
Marketing is all about good Conversation, if we can able to converse well in 1:1 then, we can scale up easily for 1:Many.You have to converse like one on one to people be it group or individual.Digital Deepak believes marketing is all about the trust that you build around.Trust can be build only if you are authentic.Coz, People are tired of fake people.Don’t show off but have your own swag like Digital Deepak does, where he buys a domain for MASSTRUST for nearly 1 lakhs.
Digital Deepak says who is better marketer in a short story.A Doctor who practices more patients can be a good Doctor.A Civil Engineer who does many projects can be good Engineer.But, for a better Marketer it is not about how much product you sell, it’s all about the people who has more life experiences can be Better Marketer.To get more life experiences he ask us to learn new languages, try to do things in our own style ,try to mingle if your single, meet new people, learn new stuffs, etc.,
The basic fundamental for marketing is to know who your audience is.Be as specific while defining your audience.In marketing be as simple as with your communication.He referred Donal Trump where, he uses 4th grade of english in his speaking hence, it is one of the main reason of his winning.we have to be one one one while we conversing.So, only now also E-mail Marketing is more powerful than social media.

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